About Official Sole Saver

Official Sole Saver is a product that was created in 2007 and patented in 2011 to protect the integrity of your shoe soles. The primary purpose of the Official Sole Saver is to prolong the life and look of your shoe soles. Official Sole Saver will maintain your shoe soles in a like new state or the condition the shoe sole was in at the time of the application of the Official Sole Saver. Dirt, grime, gum, wearing of the soles, will be negated, keeping your shoe soles in pristine condition. Official Sole Saver is also for individuals whose weight distribution causes wear to only a portion of their shoe sole. Official Sole Saver will also make shoe soles that scuff floors or courts, non-marking soles. This product is for individuals on budgets or those who can not afford to buy a new pair of shoes as frequently as they would like. Overall Official Sole Saver will prolong the life of your shoes.

Sole Saver

The Official Sole Saver is a highly durable, resourceful, money-saving, product designed to protect the sole of shoes during general walking.

Traction Plus

The large Official Sole Saver Traction Plus provides added traction to soles already protected by the Official Sole Saver

Retail Locations

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