Sole Saver FAQ's

  • Why do I have to cut the Official Sole Saver to fit my shoe soles?

    Official Sole Saver is designed to allow each user to cut and custom fit Official Sole Saver to fit any shoe. Regardless of the manufacture or model, every shoe can be protected from dirt, grime, gum, and every day sole wear no matter of make, shape, or size.

  • How many uses will I get out of each pair of Official Sole Saver?

    Duration varies based on the frequency of use. The more you wear your shoes, the more the Official Sole Saver wears. Typically a pair of Sole Savers will show signs of wear after 30-45 days of consecutive use. Note: There have been some cases in which the Official Sole Saver was worn on shoe soles for years!

  • Does the Official Sole Saver leave any adhesive residue on your shoe soles?

    When the Official Sole Saver is removed there is a chance for adhesive transference. The amount of transference if any at all is also not easily quantifiable. This will vary from shoe wearer to wearer. The biggest factor is time. The longer the Sole Saver is applied the more likely of adhesive transfer. The adhesive does not damage the shoe sole whatsoever and can be cleaned off easily using the Official Sole Saver Adhesive Remover. We designed this Adhesive Remover to accommodate our customers that prefer to leave their Sole Savers applied for extended periods of time.

  • Is Official Sole Saver visible on the bottom of your shoe?

    Official Sole Saver is subtle in appearance on the bottom of your shoes. They are not visible from any other view of the shoe. No one would know you were wearing the product unless you inform them or they concentrated on the soles of your shoes.

  • Will Official Sole Saver cause any loss of traction?

    Official Sole Saver is comprised of patented layering system which includes traction for the ground contacting layer. Official Sole Saver is not meant for athletic use but can be used with any dress, casual or athletic shoe. If traction loss ever occurs please use the Official Sole Saver Traction Plus pads.

Sole Saver

The Official Sole Saver is a highly durable, resourceful, money-saving, product designed to protect the sole of shoes during general walking.

Traction Plus

The large Official Sole Saver Traction Plus provides added traction to soles already protected by the Official Sole Saver

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