How To Apply

Step-by-step instructions on how to apply The Official Sole Saver.


We can put ANY image on a pair of Sole Savers.

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Our Products

Sole Saver

The Official Sole Saver is a highly durable, resourceful & money-saving product.

The Official Sole Saver is a thin high quality polymer with extreme strength adhesive fully capable of adhering to the sole of a shoe with no effect on walking or the integrity of shoe soles. Also the Official Sole Saver is transparent so there is no visual effect from any view.

Traction Plus

Two sizes of OSSTP provide quick application and coverage to flat shoe soles.

The large Official Sole Saver Traction Plus provides added traction to soles already protected by the Official Sole Saver, as well as men's casual shoes, women's dress and casual shoes. The regular Official Sole Saver Traction Plus provides the same benefit of the large, just in a smaller more compact means.

Remover Application

Official Sole Saver when left on for extended periods of time can leave traces of residue.

We created an all-natural non-harmful Adhesive Remover to allow easy removal of any residue traces. It softens adhesive residue within 90 seconds. To obtain the Official Sole Saver Adhesive Remover please email us at